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Top 7 U.S. National Park Landmarks


The United States had been for year the dream destination for millions of people all around the globe.  There is no doubt that this land had so much to offer its visitor from around the word and to the Americans themselves as well, of course. As a person who had spend 10 years of his life in the US and who had travel throughout most of the country, I can witness that roads have a unique horizon and special views no mater where decide to steer.  So when you next time decide to take your family or only yourself on road trip or for a great holiday round the the USA, keep in mind that no mater where you turn, you will find amazing and fascinating scenery all around.  As for just a teaser, I am listing the seven top national parks that can surely leave your jaws dropped and your heart bit a little faster.

The Panoramic views at Cape Royal and Angels Window in Grand Canyon

The Cape Royal, located on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, offers visitors the most wide-ranging scenic view. Cape Royal is situated on the south of Walhalla Plateau which is dotted with meadows and forests filled with aspen trees. The golden leaves of the trees shimmer in contrast to the white and rusty red buttes and cliffs of the Grand Canyon during autumn season. From the magnificent plateau, visitors can see other spectacular panoramic views from the Marble Canyon to the South Rim area of the Grand Canyon Village.

Meanwhile, the Angel’s Window is one of the most popular features found near Cape Royal and juts like a large a natural arch that battered one of the rock formations extending into the canyon. You may see the Angel’s Window by taking the main trail for a half-mile spur.

Hiking adventures at Half Dome in Yosemite

For group of friends who want to take a hiking vacation, the Half Dome in Yosemite is an icon for great hiking challenges. It rises at about 5,000 feet from the Yosemite Valley and 8,800 feet from the sea level. In 1865, it was declared inaccessible since some of its points were not yet trodden by human foot, however, today the site provides park rangers who can assists hikers to reach the summit. Indeed, hundreds of people come to visit the national park during summer vacations to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure into the wilderness.

Mount McKinley in Denali – the highest mountain peak (header image)

Mt. Mckinley in Denali, Alaska is the highest mountain in North America which stands about 20,320 feet in the center of Denali National Park or the Alaska Range. The mountain is notable of its large bulk and rise and unusual severe risk of extreme cold and altitude illness because of the mountain’s proximity to the jet stream and high latitude. Mt. Mckinley has two summits, the South and North Summit, the south being the highest peak. It also has five large glaciers: Peters, Muldrow, Traleika, Ruth and Kahiltna Glaciers. These glaciers run down the mountain slopes in different directions.

The Ethereal Grand Teton landscape

Grand Teton National Park is known of its jagged peaks that towers more than a mile from the Jackson Hole valley. During holidays, the park is frequently visited by photographers, mountain climbers and hikers because of its ethereal fault-block mountain structure. This natural structure was formed million years ago when the earth’s crust cracked along a fault line, which allowed the peaks of Tetons to rise up into the sky and exposed crystalline rocks around the mountains. Further, the national park is rich in animal life with about sixty species of mammals existing therein.

The Central Peaks of Mount Rainier

Originally, this mountain was named Tahoma by Yakima Indians, meaning “great snowy peaks.” However, during a scouting expedition in 1972, it was renamed after Admiral Peter Rainier, a British Navy. The peak of the mountain is very unique because it has 3 classified summits: the Columbia Crest, Point Success and Liberty Cap.

Mount Rainier is actually a volcano which is the highest in the continental USA. It has 25 large glaciers; one of them is the huge Emmons glacier that flows to the east (image by isNoOp).

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The historic Cumberland Gap National Park

The historical Cumberland Gap is popular of its spectacular views, rich history, impressive scenery, unique geological formations, diverse animal and plant life and magnificent underground caverns. The park provides rangers who assist visitors to experience the historic 20th century mountain community, including its museum, cave system and formation, road trails of the civil war soldiers, and long hiking trails that waited to be explored and discovered during holidays or vacation.

Outdoor adventures at Chimney Rock National Historic Site

This tourist destination in North Carolina features a simple stairway, tunnel and elevator built to the rock’s summit by the Morse family in 1902. The Chimney Rock is part of the Chimney Rock State Park that extends about 5,700 acres from the north to the south sides of the gorge rich with natural resources. The historical site has a nature center and a series of hiking trails to different geologic points of interest that includes a 404 ft. Hickory Nut Falls.

I would appreciate you input if you had any other ideas about interesting outdoor travel in the US. Cheers.


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