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Top UK Family Holidays


UK has produced actors and poets that have made Victorian maids out of every woman. It also has one of the best locations for holidaying with family. Add the gruesome albeit mysterious tales of some of its castles and towers and you would find yourself in an Enid Blyton and J.K. Rowling crossover novel. Needless to say, UK has indeed got it all and choosing to holiday there might just be one of the best decisions you take. The following are a few top UK family holidays that you should try –

• Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff – If you plan a trip to UK and don’t visit the current and previous regenerations of the Doctor, your trip would be looked down upon by your countrymen and the Brits alike. Be it the once intimidating Daleks or the slightly annoying Cybermen, you must visit this place. Don’t be scared of the Oods, they are gentle creatures. This place is the perfect treat for a family as every member will enjoy it. After all, who can truthfully say that they have never wanted to travel back in time in the TARDIS?

• Towers of London, England – This is the forbidden fortress of London and it has seen some of the most turbulent eras of British history. Within the walls of this place, many famous names have lived and that includes the wives of Henry VIII. You have to see the crown jewels and if you are a BBC Sherlock fan, you would hear Rossini’s ‘The Thieving Magpie’ (La Gazza Ladra) in the background. Oh, and do not miss a chat with the ravens.

• Riverside Museum, Glasgow – This museum of transport is basically a walk down the memory lane where you get to experience the past in a lifelike manner. The 19th century streets are recreated and you can step inside shops and learn a lot of things about transport like the historic trams and carriages. They also have cars and the exhibits are pretty good.

• Alton Towers, Staffordshire – This is Britain’s best theme park and the selection of rides, which are kind of death defying, will leave you brimming with adrenaline as you hold on to dear life. The dark forest of Thirteen is a must try and try not to get lost as you venture in it. Air is for the adventurer in you as you whoosh head first along it. For people who are into gentler things, the water park is brilliant and fun. There is also a spa, if adults want a relaxing time. The Alton Towers, a stately house which gives name to the park, is another thing you should explore.


There are many other places that you can explore. The most important thing is – instead of trying to juggle a lot of places at once, visit a few and enjoy them thoroughly. Also, remember that a good place to stay is an equally important part of your trip. For getting self-catering cottages and homes for your holiday, you can visit and find many lucrative deals and offers too.

The author is a professional in the travel industry with many years experience working both in the UK and abroad. 

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