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Modes of transport:

We need some object or a tool to move from one place to another. Everyone facilitate themselves to travel via various ways. There are basically three modes of transport and they are the land ways, airways and the waterways. These three ways have advanced technologies to travel along far away countries. There is only one criteria for traveling, that is these three means of transport differs in price and comfortably.

Landways-cheapest mode of transport:

1. Roadways are the basic mode of transport. All sorts of age group prefer mostly on roadways. It includes two wheeler, three wheeler, four wheeler as well as 6 or 8 wheeler vehicles.

2. Apart from this railway also use the roadways as their platform for laying urban and suburban stations. Travelling through train is also cheaper, when compared to autos and other private vehicles.

3. Today, the government of Tamilnadu is keen on constructing metro rails for local travel and the construction is still under process.

Waterways- the safest means of transport:

1. Waterways in our world are the safest means of transport. Even though it moves with the help of water its not too risky, because ships carry the majority of people when compared to roadways and waterways.

2. All nature lovers can travel through ships and submarines, because they will get an amazing natural water world adventure.

3. Though its a bit costly people adopt for waterways to experience the natural beauty of the world.

Airways- the fastest means of transport:

Airways are the fastest means of transport. The Wright brothers invented airplane for faster travel and today it has captured the hearts of many. Airways includes rockets, satellites, helicopters , airplanes and jet planes. It is the costliest means of transport, but can reach the destination within a fraction of a second. Increased number of passengers can be accommodated.

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