Travel Tips to Consider While Traveling To the Caribbean Islands


Caribbean islands are self paradises that let you experience both the hot and wet side of nature, this ranges from hiking experiences in a rain forest to sunbathing on its beaches, but every paradise has its cost. The cost of living may seem to be quite low but summing up the total expenses incurred from meals, lodgings, transportation and other miscellaneous activities, they total up to an unexpected figure. However being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t go to the Caribbean islands and still have fun, below are travel tips you might consider to apply while on your travel trip.

Wisely choose your island

Some islands are relatively cheaper to go than others; this is particularly considering air travel expenses. It’s best advisable to use the lowest charging travel carriers. The variation depends on the number of available passengers and their target destination for example visiting Jamaica is much cheaper compared to visiting Dominica republic.

Cost of living

Apart from using airfare to approximate the cost of living explore more and carry out extensive online research to know which islands are cheapest. Dominican Republic leads in having some of the lowest resorts and hotels rates while destinations like St. Barth’s are more expensive as they are renowned for their upscale tourism. Other less developed islands might be harder to access due to expensive airfare though they have lower food and lodging costs.

Exchange rate

Exchange rates play a key role in determining the amount of money you will spend on the Caribbean island. For  U.S. residents it’s better to choose an island which pegs its local currency to the dollar at a fixed rate rather than that which uses a varying currency like the euro, this helps you to avoid hefty penalties when the us dollar is weak compared to other world currencies.

Escape expensive seasons

Winter and the spring break season are the most expensive and busiest times in the Caribbean. This can make your vacation to be less enjoyable since your pockets are draining at higher rates, to avoid this, travel during summer or fall. Take note of the hurricanes seasons which run from June to late November. During this time hotel rates are lowest, you can stay on Curacao, Bonaire or Aruba islands if hurricanes worry you as they are outside of the hurricane belt.

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When booking your trip be on the lookout for promotions that give free nights after a required minimum time of stay like stay four night and get the fifth night free. These free nights will go a long way to ensure that you cut your costs while in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean comprises of over 5000 islands and each has its unique cays and reefs attractions sites bit the price may differ. Most of these islands are now completely transformed to some of the world’s most exclusive travel destinations. Don’t worry about housing and food as there is always a category that you can always fit in, the rooms are range from luxurious to simple rooms that can’t strain your budget. Finally consider reading more guidebooks to familiarize yourself on the customary trips offered on the islands you are visiting. Many small islands offer a ten percent tip that’s restaurant staff, cab drivers and other people. Use this tips wisely as you visit the Caribbean and save a fortune, remember bargaining for a better deal is the way of life in the islands.


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