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Few countries in the world boast of the overwhelming array of holiday options as Indonesia, the bonus is that most of the places are untapped giving an opportunity to those who want to travel high and wide to explore and get in contact with exotic cultures that you would not find anywhere else in the world.

Bali is easily recognized as a primary touristic destination for holidays to Indonesia but few are aware of the culturally rich Lombok, the majestic volcanoes of Java and the absolute wonderland for wildlife Sumatra. In recent years more and more visitors are seeking to explore further afield to discover the world’s largest archipelago. The beauty and possibilities of adventures is thrilling. Divers are flocking the remote Papua’s Raja Ampat, surfers are lured by the daring waves of the virgin beaches along the southern coastlines and the hikers are attracted to the spectacular volcanoes of Java. Animal lovers will find the UNESCO protected rainforest in Sumatra incredibly irresistible with its variety of wildlife.(image by Andrea~S)

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Due to it’s location running across the equator, Indonesia has a reasonably even year round climate with a wet and dry season rather than a winter and summer. The wet season tends to be between October and April and the dry season between May and September. Most people tend to visit Indonesia during the dry season making this Indonesia’s high season. Whilst you can visit during the wet season it does make some activities difficult and travelling around can be more difficult.

The thrill of exploring the Indonesian archipelago is indescribable, wherever you turn there is an adventure waiting to rush your adrenaline.


Italy has been around for centuries and its irresistible charms are as a result of centuries of history and culture set amidst breathtaking sceneries and glorious Mediterranean climate. After thousands of years of living it up, the Italians are well knowledgeable of everything dolce vita, and holidays in Italy are not short of all that is dolce; the world famous cuisine, the great wine and gorgeous people.(image by Moyan Brenn)

Holiday Buzzed www.holidaybuzzed.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - TRAVELLING HIGH AND WIDE FOR THE WORLD'S BEST HOLIDAYS - ITALY


The Italian Cities which have been around for ages and offer fascinating monuments and grandiose architectural structures which are still amazingly intact and an open field of exploration from the ancient to the new. Rome offers plenty of historical sites including the mighty Coliseum and Roman Forum where you can take a walking tour and learn about it’s prominence in history. Florence is the place for art lovers, with magnificent galleries and statues throughout the city. Venice is oozing in Romance and a trip in a gondola down its rivers has to be the ultimate honeymoon activity. For cosmopolitan fun, Milan has great shopping opportunities and a fantastic restaurant and bar scene.

The Italian countryside is flourishing with verdant vineyards, medieval cities and rural villages that appear to have stuck back in time. For sport lovers there is lots of opportunity to indulge, whether it be at a football match or on one of Italy’s fine golf courses. The Italian coastline is stunningly beautiful with beautiful beaches, secret caverns and dotted with some of the country’s most idyllic towns. Wherever you turn in Italy keep your camera ready as there is always something to capture for keeps sake.


It is a land full of wonders, historical sites and deserts given relief by the longest river in Africa meandering across the deserts and giving the country a refreshing strip of green along the Nile. It is along the flourishing Nile River that a mighty kingdom reigned for over 3000 years giving rise to the majestic pyramids, incredible temples and ancient tombs that have survived the passage of time and are still a major draw to visitors.(image by Boom Juan)

Holiday Buzzed www.holidaybuzzed.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - TRAVELLING HIGH AND WIDE FOR THE WORLD'S BEST HOLIDAYS - EGYPT

Holidays in Egypt give you the opportunity to explore, relax and experience a rich cultural heritage that has been in existence for centuries. The archeological sites are not only numerous but also breathtaking. Take for example the temples at Karnak, their beauty, magnificence and state of preservation will intrigue you. As for the pyramids, forget about anything you have seen in the pictures or movies, they are more impressive than you could have ever imagined and the capital city of Cairo has a rich legacy since the early Muslim era and you will be amazed by the Islamic architecture unrivalled anywhere in the world.

Egypt also has an incredible coastline along the Red Sea which is one of the best dive spots in the world. There are also some fantastic golf courses where you can enjoy a round or two with magnificent views and the sun on your back. Some wonderful resorts line the Red Sea coastline, many offering luxury spas and fabulous restaurants where you can relax watching the sunset with your loved one.


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