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For many people, it is not unusual to plan about holidays after a long period of hard work. Some individuals will plan to go to a seaside for a couple of days while others will plan to take a lifetime trip. The options of taking a long vacation on destinations like Australia, South America and Thailand were limited to students who have just started or finished the university. However, ordinary citizens are allowed to take a long vacation in such countries. Therefore, the travellers should consider some factors to ensure that their travel is free from problems.

Prepare adequately

Nowadays, employers consider giving their employees long unpaid break to rest or travel to their desired destinations. Therefore, the number of travellers on backpacker style has significantly risen and they are more likely to benefit from good health in retirement. It is vital to prepare properly if you are thinking of making a lifetime trip.

Therefore, you need to do a proper research on holiday destinations in order to avoid any trouble. In addition, you should ensure that you get the right travel insurance. Going backpacking is a very thrilling way to enjoy your holiday. Therefore, you should carefully choose the right travel insurance in order to avoid any inconvenience. The backpacker travel insurance will cover you from:

1. Greater risk

If you are away from home for long period you may get exposed to things such as illness, stolen luggage, flight cancellations and so on. Backpacker travel insurance may seem like an additional expense when you are on a tight a budget. However, this will help you save much money in case any eventualities in your trip.

If you are planning to be away from home for a couple of weeks, and visiting your holiday’s destinations, you should choose backpacker travel insurance rather than ordinary insurance cover. With backpacker insurance, you don’t have to organize cover for individual countries. In addition, it will cover you for longer period of time than a standard policy, which is typically 18 months.

2. High risk activities

Depending on the insurance policy, you will be insured against accidents during high risk activities such as parachuting, scuba diving or bungee-jumping. Ordinary insurance policy such as standard insurance cover would not cover such high-risk activities.

A six-month insurance cover for travel within Europe cost less than £60, with £1,000 flight cancellation, £5 million medical cover, £1,000 baggage protection, and £2,000 cancellation addition, a full year cover would cost around £220 with the same privileges.

More precautions

It is important to visit Foreign and commission office (FCO) to check whether there are warnings for travellers to your desired destination. The FCO will give you some advice against areas with high chances of conflicts and unrest. In addition, the FCO will tell you whether the relations of your destination countries with your home country are broken. For instance, places such as Iran, Somalia, and Syria are very risky destinations.

In addition, it is important to register with the authorities so that the embassy will get in touch of you in case of a natural disaster, and reassure you relatives and friends that you are safe.

You can check the DU Insurance website if you really need such an insurance. They also offer other types of travel insurances.

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