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USA Tourism-Check This Out


Philadelphia Zoo, Longwood Gardens- Nighttime fountainsThe US has decided that its time to enter more deeply in the sectors of tourism. This decision is taken because the tourism also plays a very important part in the venue of the government. If done in a correct manner it can be amount to good income to the treasury of the government. The US has planned in to attract more tourists and they are mostly interested in attracting the visitors from countries like China, India and Brazil.

The Secretary has started to emphasize on the processing of a visa with ease and newer programmers to attract the tourists. By doing this there will be a great increase in the economic growth and this will also help to increase the interests among the people. The secretary has also said that for 65 visitors who visit in their place one new job was created so that it will help the visitors a more comfortable stay.

The process of receiving a visa had been made easy for the visitors now, in the past times it took minimum 140 days to get a visa. But that has reduced to a larger extent now. There are more than two million visa’s issued. They have increased the number of staffs working in India to reduce the waiting time. There are five centers which are going to be set in. this leads to a promising growth of more than 15% of growth.

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