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What Should You Take with You on Long Flights


Long flights can seem to be immobile days if not weeks especially if you just got to the plane unprepared. The flights can take up to eight hours or more depending on your destination, this calls for some preparations for the hours you will be overboard as the excitement of flying will soon change to monotony of flying in less than an hour. A good travel should therefore know what to take with him or her. Here are some few items you should take with you on long flights.


You might not enjoy the in flight movies, carry a laptop with some of your favorite movies or a portable DVD player and watch what you want. You will hardly realize how the time is passing and you may soon here the match awaited announcement that you are almost getting to your destination, so fasten your seat belts.


Don’t wait for in-flight movies to get entertained, most in-flight movies begin after over one hour, instead bring with you a music play, an iPod or a CD player will do. You can also select your favorite playlist on your phone and listen to them as you travel, but remember to switch it to flight mode. You can play some cross word puzzles to keep yourself more entertained.(image by Deadly Tedly).

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Read and keep reading, if you do not like the in flight magazines, come with your favorite magazine or carry the book you were reading last night with you, it will keep you busy and you will hardly note the time pass.


Airplane food is not always the best, it depends on the carrier line, bring some snacks with you, they can be quite handy for vegetarians. Remember to include some protein type bars as they are easy to pack and hard to get digested, this will see you ward off pangs of hunger.

Sleeping gear

Since you will be changing time zones, you might not realize that it’s time for sleep, however having the right gear can lure you to sleep, carry some sleeping masks, ear plugs and socks, you might as well carry some sedatives or an over the counter pill as a sleeping aid. Few hours of sleep will help you be rejuvenated by the time you get to your destination.


Carry with you some comfortable sweats that you will wear while travelling, you can consider to change back to your original clothing when you are almost to land.


Carry with you some two large bottles of clean water to keep you hydrated, the little glasses of water that you will get from the flight attendants will not be enough, also avoid taking drinks like alcohol and caffeine as they may lead to dehydration.

You might also consider carrying eye shades to make sleeping easier, hand sanitizers, moisturizers, candy, gum or mints, noise cancelling headphones, vitamin supplements, and medicines among others. You might also consider to book seats in different positions if you are traveling as a group such that you can exchange seats and have a new environment and new people surrounding you to talk with.


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