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What to Expect When Taking a Cruise to the Bahamas


Bahamas is a country widely known for its hundreds of islands in the
Atlantic Ocean. Many people tend to consider visiting Bahamas for various fun activities, either as couples, friends or even as a family. Taking a cruise around the country is breathtaking due to its many attraction sites. Here are some of the most popular cruising destinations in Bahamas:


Boasting as the capital city of Bahamas, NasNassausau has miles of outstanding beaches and spectacular coral reefs that are just the most perfect choice for snorkeling and diving lovers. Nassau has a British flavor in it in the sense that one can visit the British Colonial Hotel to view the site where movies were filmed in the mid 1900. While taking a cruise around Nassau with the family during the Junkanoo Festival season, one can be able to watch spectacular dancers and have a taste of the Bahamian rich culture.

Freeport City

Another major attraction area to take a cruise around Bahamas is Freeport City. It’s one of the largest cities in Grand Bahamas Island. In 1955, Freeport City was officially declared as a center of tourism in Bahamas. The major attraction sites in the city include but are not limited to Lucayan national Park, Pirates of the Bahamas (a theme park), Port Lucaya, the Garden of Gloves (a botanical garden), and Freeport International Bazaar. The activities that visitors can enjoy doing around Freeport include fishing, clubbing, diving, golfing, various water sports, boating, beach sports, duty-free shopping among other activities.



Eleuthera boasts as a region in Bahamas that has white and tranquil pink sands on its beaches. Any weary traveler should visit the Eleuthera beaches to have fun and kill the boredom. With taking a cruise around Eleuthera with your family, you will be able to see the splendor of mystical caves on the island.

Harbor Island

Just like Eleuthera, Harbor Island is widely known for its pink and white sand beaches that stretch all along the eastern side of the island. It has lovely British style buildings and very popular for American cruise tourists.

Accommodation in Bahamas

When taking a cruise around Bahamas, accommodation is of uttermost importance to consider. Bahamas boasts of having top of the class hotels for tourists. Whether you and your family require a cheap hotel or a classy hotel, there are many choices to choose from, all worth your money. If you reside outside Bahamas, you can easily make online bookings after reviewing different hotels available and selecting one that suits your personal preferences as well as budget depending on the length of your stay.

Transport in Bahamas

In Bahamas, there are several reliable means on transport such as trains, buses, taxis, air, boats and cruise ships. As a tourist, taking cruise boats around Bahamas and or taxis would give you the best experience on your stay in Bahamas. This is because a taxi or a cruise boat can take your around many attraction sites with your family that other transport means would not be reliable on.

With so much fun activities to expect when taking a cruise to the Bahamas, it is surely a place worth visiting with your family, friends, and partner or even on your own.


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