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Which Wine Will You Get on Your Honeymoon? Here are few Ideas


Honeymoon moments are just sweet times that you ought to relax and have something with your loved newly wedded husband or wife, this calls for one to adequately prepare and make the honeymoon full of love and romance, after all you had waited for far too long. Here are some great wine ideas that will give your body some healthy doses of antioxidants and ignite a night full of romance.

Solomon Hills Vineyard Pinot Noir

Made in California, Santa Maria valley, the red wine’s aroma replicates the aromas of a bouquet of some rose petals combined with incense. Its palate is fruit forward as it exhibits cherry, currant, plum and raspberry flavors which beautifully integrate with a lavish mouth feel to produce an opulent tasty experience. You can consider also trying it with silky salmon from pinot noir sauce and comparing with its tender fruity nature of a hearty steak that is of wild game. Rating out of twenty, I would rate it at fifiteen; the red wine is priced at fifty dollars.

Château Ducru-Beaucaillou Saint Julien

Made in France, Bordeaux this red wine gives you a very aphrodisiac attribute that’s more of floral aroma, it is able to subtle the black fruit flavor from the primary earthiness. The wine attaches its velvety tannins that provide a sensual experience. The skillfully prepared wine actually needs no food to accompany it at all. If you intend the wine to crown your meal, first take some lean seared game meat like a rabbit or venison and then take the romantic wine. The wine is currently priced at $120 and out of my rating; I would give it a sixteen.(image by JJBuckleyWines).

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Cougar Crest 2005 Reserve Syrah

Made in Washington, Walla Walla Valley, the wine can be categorized as a sex style wine. It’s made of smoky, leather notes and white pepper which make it sultry a mouth feel. The red wine is complex but has a good length that is quite appealing even to complicated wine lovers. The wine can be best complimented by some grilled beef or pork, or with some tomato based dishes especially for vegetarians.

Craggy Range 2008 Te Muna Pinot Noir

Made in New Zealand, Martinborough, the wine comes with rose petal, blackberry and cherry like aromas. After tasting, the experience changes to an earthy, bramble, gamey note, and bark sort of spice. The wine best serves with good hearty dishes such as truffle ravoli, wild mushrooms and venison which best enhance its pheromonal motes. The red wine is priced ar forty dollars and my rating gets it at fourteen.

Wines come in handy to bring romance, love and affection to the table, however not all wines do this job. Some varieties of wines are known to have aromas that spark arousal. In this situation some vino, aromas actually replicate scents of human pheromones which in turn stimulate the brain, most earth scents of pure red wines like musky and leathery closely resemble male pheromones. Doughy, yeasty and sweaty wines nest represent the earthy side of female pheromones and are contained in white, sparkling wines. You might consider to try these wines with your loved one.


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