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Why family holidays in Cornwall are so great


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Here are some commonly asked questions about family camping holidays in Cornwall.

What site facilities are provided?

That depends very much upon the site and site owners you choose.

Some sites have been put together very much with families in mind.  The pitches are often equipped with electricity and there are plenty of facilities (e.g. free dishwasher use) within a few metres of the pitch itself.

Some sites are located in very picturesque surroundings – so peace and tranquillity are the order of the day!

Will I need my own tent and camping gear?

Not necessarily.

Some sites will be able to offer entire camping package rentals including the tent. That might be a very attractive option if you’re relatively new to camping and not entirely sure if you’re going to enjoy it. It’ll save you needing to invest in the purchase of a lot of kit before you know if it’s the type of holiday for you.

Note though that if you’re planning to take a pet, some sites might only permit you to do so if you have your own tent and equipment. Animals might not be allowed into a tent you’re renting.

Why is Cornwall so popular?

There are numerous reasons why family holidays in Cornwall are so popular.

Just a tiny sample might include:

  • fantastic coastline and beaches;
  • historic towns sitting in stunningly beautiful countryside;
  • a distinct Celtic legacy and traditions;
  • some of the best weather in the UK during the summer months.

If you’re into great fresh food, this county offers some great opportunities to try local delicacies including, of course, the famous pasties!

What are the beaches like?

Cornwall on both its north and south coasts has some of the best beaches in the United Kingdom.  Some are famous for their sands, others for their surf and some for both.

Inevitably, just as is the case just about anywhere in Europe, the very best and most popular beaches can be busy at the height of the season. However, as the area has so much coastline relative to its total volume, even at the height of summer it’s usually possible to find some quiet and peaceful coastal seclusion. image by Matt 53


How easy is it to get to?

A long, long time ago, Cornwall was considered to be on the fringe of the country and somewhere that was isolated and hard to get to.

Today though, rail and road links are excellent.

Note that some Cornish rural roads are small and twisty – they also have high hedgerows that can sometimes restrict visibility a little.  Do be careful on those minor roads and if you have a trailer or caravan with you, plan your route carefully ahead in order to avoid getting stuck with all the associated inconvenience and embarrassment!

Do you need to book your pitch ahead?

It’s usually a very sensible idea to do so.

The best sites will be popular and may be booked well in advance – particularly during the peak summer season. Turning up in the hope that you’ll get in might lead to disappointment

Outside of the peak season it might be a little safer but given how easy it is to make a quick phone call or online enquiry, why take the chance?

Andrew Thomas is owner of the Perran Springs Holiday Park based in Cornwall. Set within twenty-one acres of a luscious, tranquil, sheltered countryside valley. We offer a friendly, safe and relaxing holiday environment for families and couples. Find out more about them on their Google + Page

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