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Work It: Using Corporate Sedans When Traveling for Business


Whether you travel only occasionally or frequently for business, you can probably think of some travel experiences you would rather not repeat. There is a distinct difference between traveling for business and for pleasure. In the same way, there is a tangible difference between traveling for business at the luxury versus the economy levels. Traveling for work is never easy – it tends to be stressful, demands longer hours than usual, and often comes with frustrating travel delays as well as the discomfort of not knowing your way around a strange city. This is why more and more business travelers are opting to use corporate sedans when traveling for business today.

‚ÄčAdvantages of Using Corporate Sedans for Business Travel

There are several ways you can schedule a corporate sedan for your next business trip. Some companies maintain contracts with certain corporate sedan companies, so be sure to check with the business travel department at your company to find out what options are available. You may also have the option to book your own corporate sedan, using your corporate expense account program for reimbursement. If this describes you, you can use these easy steps to book your own independent corporate sedan.

  • First, visit the website of the airport in your destination city.
  • Do a search for local transportation companies – corporate sedan providers may be listed as “corporate sedan,” “limousine,” or “taxi” services depending on the city or the country of your destination.
  • Compare travel rates and perks. Some corporate sedan companies offer much more than just transportation, so be sure you are getting the full value before selecting a corporate sedan company.
  • Book your travel and keep your confirmation so you know how you will be picked up at your destination.

Extra Benefits of a Corporate Sedan Service

When you book a corporate sedan service, you will get much more than your typical speedy taxi ride. Because corporate sedan companies specialize in business travel up to the executive levels, you can expect a level of customer service and comfort commensurate with such clientele. Many sedan services have a corporate travel planning department that works directly with your company’s corporate travel department to schedule business trips. If you are transporting clients in your corporate sedan during your trip, having an attractive, plush atmosphere en route can also make an excellent first impression. But most importantly, your sedan driver will be highly trained in the latest road and weather safety procedures and emergency procedures, courteous and polite (no yelling New York cabbies here!), and absolutely attuned to your preferences and needs throughout your trip.

Using a Sedan Service for Corporate Clients

If you are a corporate travel planner, your job entails ensuring corporate clients and visitors are treated to the highest standards of customer service and comfort while they are visiting. There are many benefits of contracting with a corporate sedan service, but one of the best is that once you negotiate a contract, you can receive a lower per-ride rate than if you booked each trip independently. You will also get great internal ratings at review time by providing the executives and visitors you serve with reliable, comfortable transportation at all points.

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