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Yoga Nomads Guide to Sicily


One of the most advantageous forms of exercise is yoga. A lot of benefits can be gained from it and those who follow yoga and have tried any of its various forms, swear to its efficacy. As a matter of fact, it is fast gaining popularity across the world.

One of the important factors in effectively achieving perfect communication between mind and body is the environment. Yoga should be practiced in a quiet and calm area, free from distractions. For yoga enthusiasts who are planning to visit the beautiful island of Sicily, you will be delighted to know that there are ideal places to relax and do your daily yoga routines, surrounded by verdant and pristine nature.

Yoga on the beach

Sicily is popular to many beach lovers which is why the seaside gets packed during the summer season. On the other hand, the island has many coastline areas that are away from commercialism and where you can do yoga without disturbances and distractions. Visit the Foce del Belice area and you will find one of the last remaining Sicilian coastline yet considerably untouched by development. In the early mornings or anytime of the day, you can enjoy the solitude and the two-mile-long expanse of golden sand.


Yoga in the mountains

If you prefer areas away from the crowds of the coastal areas, the Madonie Mountains offer the perfect retreat for yoga lovers. Surrounded by lush green environment and the sounds of nature, you will find the perfect spot to meditate. In order to make your trip more enjoyable and to enjoy the local atmosphere , you may opt for a stay in a villa for rent in Sicily located in the mountains and you will have the perfect environment for contemplation while getting the chance to enjoy stunning mountainscapes and a taste of accommodating culture different from the seaside areas.


Yoga in an agriturismo

You can join yoga retreats that are held in remote farm complexes where you can have also the chance to experience Sicilian culture. You will take part in yoga classes under an expert yoga teacher, enjoy seasonal, healthy yogic meals provided by expert chefs and visit some of the island’s cultural highlights.


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